Website Tracking & Data Analytics

Website tracking allows you to collect the data you want on your online traffic. This provides you with the data and insights needed to make data driven decisions. Using our in-depth yet easy-to-follow reports, you’ll unlock the ability to identify effective conversation paths, improve sales numbers, generate more leads, and understand your website traffic behaviour

Turning Your Raw Data Into Actionable Insights

We provide an extensive set of analytics solutions that help turn your raw data into actionable insights. Whether you need a deep dive analysis of your multi-year data trends, an investigation into inaccurate transaction data, or require user behaviour/interaction and conversion tracking, Pylot will ensure that you are equipped with all the data touch-points you need to effectively grow your business.


Track The Goals That Matter To Your Business

Without knowing what visitors are actually doing when they navigate your service pages, blog content or online store, you’re not able to make the most effective decisions for your business. 

In order to give you a more complete understanding of your customers’ browsing behaviour, we implement custom web tracking snippets into the backend of your website. We then utilize a Tag Management system which allows us to effectively transfer tracking data over to Google Analytics.

With our advanced data-tracking software, you’ll be able to better analyze:

  • Site Navigation & Checkout Behaviour
  • Individual Product & Service Performance
  • Sales and Promotion Performance

Enhanced eCommerce

Pylot will help you measure a customer’s interaction with products across their entire online shopping experience, including metrics such as: 

  • Product Attribution Data
  • Product Impressions 
  • Add-to-cart Rate
  • Shopping Cart Itemization
  • Checkout Process Initialization 
  • Transactions &Refunds

By integrating Enhanced eCommerce tools into your site, you’ll gain a greater understanding of why and how customers initiate or abandon their purchases.

Effective Data Analysis

Every online business has steps that people must take to become a customer. Sales funnels help us visualize these processes easily, from page navigation to conversion. With our help, you’ll be able to:

  • Determine what steps are causing customer confusion or trouble
  • Identify the areas that alter a customer’s emotional behavior during checkout/sign up 
  • Locate and remove bugs, browser or other technical issues
  • Replicate successful product or service conversion paths

Advanced Reporting

Our data experts team will construct interactive data visualization dashboards that are both simple to read, yet detailed enough to allow for an in-depth review of your data. We can encompass all your acquisition data into one report, allowing you to answer complex questions such as: 

“How do we increase sales?”

“What do our best customers want from us?” 

Which internal page is generating the most leads?”

“What are the areas of improvement needed in our sales flow?”

Do you want to grow your business?